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Healthy Poutine – Parsnip Fries, Mushroom Gravy and Mozzarella

Poutine. If you haven’t tried if before, it’s essentially a classier Canadian version of England’s famous chips, cheese and gravy. This version has a lot less fat as we have replaced deep fried French fries with baked parsnip fries, and we are using vegan mushroom gravy, which has much less saturated fat than traditional meat […]

Creamy Green Lentils With Mushrooms and Kale

This is such a warming winter recipe, and is completely vegan! Lentils are high in protein, and kale is high in iron – making this recipe the perfect nutritious winter warmer! Ingredients 150g Dried Green Lentils 1 Tbsp Olive Oil 1 Shallot, finely diced 450g Mixed Mushrooms, stemmed and sliced or diced, whatever you prefer […]